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Disorder 3 [Disorder]

live punk new wave electro funk dj set only in creative commons!

now on air!!


Disorder 3









1     When You Were Mine   Devi April McCallion   Canivorous Songs
2     The Tender Surrender   EAT BABIES?   REAL GIRL
3     Nonalignement Pact   Plum Sucker  
4     Making Me Nervous   Brad Sucks   I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
5     les filles16   opusvertigo   Les filles
6     Whoresaint   Plum Suckers  
7     Montreal Indy Music Ipod American Appearal   Oxygenfad   DTRASH097 – Oxygenfad
8     Beat Bye Lady Jam   Barracuda Project   Beat Bye
9     Fallen   The Phase   Dogma
10     Projet 73 (part 10)   Reno Project   Projet 73
11     Syno – Heute Nacht   Syno   Heute Nacht (Internet Single)
12     Lipslide   Krop   Small Shake
13     Echelente Mk. 2   Floodshock!   Did You Mean Bloodstock? (cd2)
14     get you   SAM FAIRY   the city
15     I Need Love   Oxygenfad   DTRASH097 – Oxygenfad
16     Creep (feat. Steevee)   EAT BABIES?   8

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