Disorder 12 [DISORDER]

ogni giovedi dalle 22.00

su http://www.border-radio.it

punk – new wave – electro funk – indietronic
stormer misfit
radio dj set
julieuse on the mic
tutte tracce creative commons liberamente scaricabili dalla rete

stay underground….enjoy free music!


Num. Title Artist Release
1 Monkeys for Breakfast Keibe EP
2 Lift Your Eyes Cocolixe Cocolixe EP
3 Midnight Express G+Shame feat. Tamara Dinka [dig009] Hg
4 Nihilist JJM netBloc Vol. 23: We Invented The Compilation
5 Somethings Going On LóngTrigger Superstar
6 Making Me Nervous Brad Sucks I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
7 Wettstbrk Volta Vital Mittelmass EP
8 05-Nowhere up above (Instrumental) Shibuya Syndicate [51bts#023] Riot Slaves
9 02_Agente_909 The Swindler Beat [51bts#014] Sentire la Notte
10 So beautiful Ampexx [SONICA019] Zöld
11 Animals Illeist Collective Animals
12 Intimate Riot Autorun Catalogue
13 Bütz Mich (Sixpack Remix by MazeMirror) Jeckich & Jöckich [iD.041] – Bütz Mich (EP)
14 01 – Cris – Bang With Us (Voice) Cris exM.002 – Bang With Us
15 10-World without (SS Overdrive Remix) Shibuya Syndicate [51bts#023] Riot Slaves
16 Theory of Chemical Reaction Liquor [labrec001b] In Electronic we trust 1 (Red Edition)
17 Andology (Remix) Bangguru Bangtopia
18 Happy Sun Monokle & Galun In Frame


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