Drink, Smoke and Fuck is now open for remixing. This is a unique contest where only people who make a remix get ot vote on the winners.

The rules are simple. Send a private message to saddet on soundcloud to get the stems. Remix the song by May 15, 2011. Send saddet your complete mix as an uncompressed wav or aif file, then post your mix to the soundcloud group, which already has several remixes.

After the deadline you, the remixers, vote on your favorites. You have to remix in order to vote – saddet does not choose the winners, the public does not choose the winners – only the remixers choose the winners. The top three mixes will be released on Echelon Recordings.

Once the contest is finished all remixers will have their bio featured on saddet.com (see Groceries and Fear pages for past remixers). This is a great chance to get your name out and get new fans.

Now get busy, the hundreds of people who favorited the original are dying to hear your interpretation. Fame and fortune could be yours – along with plenty of booze, smokes and good ol’ fashioned fucking.


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