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Disorder 14 [DISORDER]

ogni giovedi dalle 22.00


punk – new wave – electro funk – indietronic
stormer misfit
radio dj set

tutte tracce creative commons liberamente scaricabili dalla rete

stay underground….enjoy free music!

Stormer Misfit


# Title Artist
1 bad might Cascao e Lady Maru
2 I’m Gonna Devils’ Chic Riot
3 Lapin numéro un Amnésie
4 tanzen contra.basz
5 I stay Awake Plum Suckers
6 Move Pureape
7 Making Me Nervous Brad Sucks
8 The one with the lead guitar Monomatik
9 Oh Yeah! The Kerrisons
10 Creep (feat. Steevee) EAT BABIES?
11 Monkeys for Breakfast Keibe
12 Hypersonic-T PHINX
13 Digital World Ultrablush
14 A Day of Happiness Cocolixe
15 05_disco punk spectacular synthesizer
16 My Woshin Mashin – Godzilla My Woshin Mashin
17 Dead Disko – Enjoy the Moment Speedsound Rec.
18 campane I Cani
19 Cutter Il Leprotto
20 Creep (feat. Steevee) EAT BABIES?

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